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What Is Video Marketing? - InfoBarrel

Online marketing has several strategies as well as the social marketing is among them. It's called experimentation and we all proceed through it. Now I'm sure that don't assume all of those users are active, or this lots of people log onto the site every day, but this site still has a lot of users.

4- Help Make Your Fan Page UniqueAlthough there isn't a whole large amount of flexibility if this comes to customizing your Fan Page right now, more plus more applications are becoming accessible to use. Even teenagers will make their own video. To increase your earnings you'll need increased traffic and generating video visitors are probably certainly one of the areas that you're not utilizing right now.

Video marketing production is fairly simple. In order to complete so KFC could equip its restaurants with nicer furniture. You may also be certainly one of these individuals if you are serious about producing money online.

It is then no real surprise that people who work within this type of industry have to themselves in regards to the trends of the times. pr" (StumbleUpon's link shortening service) and sent notification to your Twitter and Facebook accounts from inside of Su. Such companies i7 Group take care of the fact that the company's website is promoted properly and enjoys the most notable position in all the popular search engines like google like Google, yahoo and MSN. So, start building a good name online now.

In Part II we will discuss i7 group plan de compensacion specific strategies for content, viral marketing, and SEO for industrial videos. some pages on various Web 0 sites and rank them in Google. For tips and advice to assist you find the best Website Marketing Video strategies, go to his blog: Wealth Success Ventures. Social media marketing may be the way forward for online marketing, so in the wedding you want your business being there when the dust settles, don't delay, take action now to make sure your company survives and thrives. More information in my Network Marketing Success blog .

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Home Improvement :: Construction of a wooden cottage

Do you want to build a house , but have not yet decided on the material. Maybe it will be brick, wood or block construction? In spite of what material you prefer to build a cottage , on and will depend on the terms of the structure, design of the future of the cottage and budget. Ate you want to build a house made of Home Improvement College Station wood, find out all the details about the building materials, hardware and tools that will be used in the process.

Boards and other wooden materials shall be made of spruce and pine. These materials require certain properties of durability, aesthetic appearance, durability, longevity, bio - and fire resistance of some elements for the construction of the cottage . Materials suitable for mounting such as glue, nails, screws, staples, screws. Protection structure, reference ladder, ladder , working goats, a device for lifting the forest - all the tools that are indispensable.

The most important thing is to build a foundation that serves as a support for all loads or directly on the ground. It is made of concrete or reinforced concrete structures, which Best Home Improvement are subsequently poured in place. But before you put the foundation you need to explore the ground on which to build a cottage. Therefore, each project is unique and requires a foundation of private approach. All work on the construction of the cottage should be coordinated and complement each other. The next important stage in the construction - is the construction of the frame structure. Once the foundation design is ready, you can make the frame. It is constructed of battens.

The structure of the frame should go on with the plan. And if there are any problems, they should be consistent with the developer. When the frame i s ready, then you can proceed to the roof and the roof. If you have a low-rise building, you can buy the farm with NR-rafter in the finished form. They come in several forms: carved, rectangular, standard, cellular and Chardonnay design. The roof can sheathe in two ways: - leaving room for only an insignificant ventilation; - do the attic, which can be different sizes.

Here we inform you about the construction of a wooden cottage, pointed to those points that you need to know to man. The rest leave it to professionals.

Friday, 23 June 2017

From landfill to landscape -

LONDON, England (CNN) -- A landscape restoration of a rubbish dump has won the Energy, Waste and Recycling category at the 2008 World Architecture Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

Spanish architects Batlle and Roig have returned a 150 hectare rubbish dump back to nature.

Spanish architects Batlle and Roig have returned a 150 hectare rubbish dump back to nature.

"La Vall d'en Joan" (The Valley of Joan) project, designed by Spanish architects Batlle and Roig, has transformed a 150 hectare site in the Garraf Natural Park, south-west of Barcelona into a green terraced agricultural landscape.

In awarding the prize, judges Luis Mansilla -- Mansilla + Tunon architects -- and Martin Keiding -- editor-in-chi ef of Arkitektur DK -- described the scheme as: "a perfect example of bringing dead nature back to life by converting rubbish into a beautiful piece of landscape architecture...using few and humble means".

Joan Roig of Batlle and Roig Architects told CNN: "The idea was to create a system of hills and banks in a way that would avoid erosion from water and to give the rubbish dump back to nature with a natural design."

Work to transform the site -- the largest landfill in Spain -- began in 2000 and was completed earlier this year. It is a striking redrawing of a previously scarred and polluted landscape.

The landfill has been servicing Barcelona's metropolitan area for over 30 years. More than 20 million tons of rubbish was spread around the valley before the site was closed in 2006. In some places, you would have to dig down over 100 meters before you found soil again.

But this isn't just a cosmetic makeover. There is an underground drainage system on site which filters contaminated waste fluids. Part of this recycled water is then used to irrigate the park. "The whole project is very sustainable," Roig said.

Furthermore, the dump is also utilizing the bio gas that is emitted to provide electricity.

Some of the rubbish has remained above ground. Housed in large steel cages which flank the entrance to the site, Roig says they serve as a permanent reminder to visitors of the site's previous life.

Judge, Martin Keiding told CNN: "It's a very beautiful and simple design. It is landscape architecture that is inspiring. It is a very good example that everyone could look at and say: 'We could do the same.' This competition is about pointing out good examples that could inspire architects."

Batlle and Roig's winning design was one of eight short-listed projects in the Energy, Waste and Recycling category, which was notable for the variety of entries.

They range from state of the art, hi-tech plans such as the Digital Beijing designed by Studio Pei Zhu and Urbanus, right down to low-cost, primitive ventures like the Community Cooker devised by Kenyan company, Planning Systems Services.

The communal cooker is turning rubbish into fuel to feed residents of one of Africa's biggest slums -- Kibera -- on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. The project was highly commended b y the judges.

"Sustainability is a very important issue and so are the questions about rubbish, especially in Third World countries," Keiding said. "The community cooker is a way of introducing a solution directly into the society."

Keiding, himself a trained architect, believes that Energy, Waste and Recycling is the most important category at the inaugural World Architecture Festival. "We are facing big problems, so it is a great opportunity for architects to work seriously with this problem on many different levels.

"I think flashy executive buildings are interesting in one sense but they are not interesting if they are not dealing seriously with this matter. In my opinion you can throw them out. We have to be far more serious about integrating aspects of sustainability into architecture."

Both Mansilla and Keiding noted that engineering and architecture had to combine to deal with issues concerning waste and recycling. They said that achieving sustain ability was a difficult task but it also represented a great opportunity for architects to contribute to the sphere.

All About Architecture o Nature and the Environment

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Landscaping |

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13 Funniest Dog vs. Sprinkler Videos

From unfamiliar visitors to pesky local wildlife, man's best friend would do anything to protect us from potential harm. Even if that potential harm comes in the form of a sprinkler.

Deep down we appreciate their steadfast and earnest guardianship, of course, but we can't help but laugh when these heroic pups are thwarted time and again by their elusive grass-watering enemies. So in celebration of our four-legged warriors, we searched for some of the funniest dog vs. sprinkler battles on the Web. Vote for your favorites below!

Sped Up, But Still Hilarious

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Atlanta Botanical Garden's gun ban upheld by judge

ATLANTA -- A judge has ruled that the Atlanta Botanical

Garden has the right to bar its visitors from bringing in firearms, even though

the garden operates on public property.

News outlets report that Fulton County Judge Gail Tusan

ruled Thursday that despite the public ownership of the land, the botanical

garden is a private entity and may lawfully prohibit guns.

Court records show Phillip Evans, a gun rights group

member with a state firearms license, was escorted out of the botanical garden

in 2014 for wearing a handgun in a waistband holster. His attorney argued that

the garden leases land from the city of Atlanta and cannot keep properly

licensed people from carrying weapons there.'

Georgia law allows guns on

government land and in government buildings, with some exceptions.

2016 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. garden-gun-ban-upheld-judge/

The Blackening of Havana | HuffPost

With all of the excitement around U.S. and Cuban relations finally opening up there is a host of questions around race and religion that are fundamental to the lives of Afro-Cuban religious practitioners left to be asked. On a recent trip to Cuba, a Cuban academic told me that whereas Havana used to be a "white city" (read, prosperous and cosmopolitan), due to the large influx of darker Cubans from the campo, rural outskirts of the island, Havana is now a "black city" (read, ghettoized and full of crime). This "unfortunate" darkening of Havana was blamed on the influx of marginalized black Cubans trying to gain access to foreigners and tourism since the late 1990s. I was told that Santera, an Afro-Cuban religion practiced throughout the world, was partially to blame for this occurrence.

Santera, the most popular of the Afro-Cuban religions practiced on the island, has b een one of the ways in which black Cubans have had the ability to connect to larger international communities, and most importantly, gain access to foreign currency, goods, and travel. Given Cuba's position, as the birthplace of these practices, which fuses Yoruba and other African religious traditions with Catholic saints, travelers come from all over to undergo costly rituals, initiation ceremonies, and divination-based consultations with Cuban priests. Most of these priests are Afro-descendants, which in a country like Cuba that has tried to eradicate racism (and the idea of race itself), often makes for complex engagements with racial politics.

The Cuban Santera practitioners that I work with, mostly black, mostly marginalized, have had a very different experience with foreigners and remittances than their white Cuban counterparts. Even as great strides have been made by the Cuban revolutionary government to eliminate racial and gender discrimination, there is still t he everyday occurrence where black and mulata Cuban women are presumed to be prostitutes and excluded from public locations such as hotels or nightclubs. Or, Afro-Cuban men of all different tones are seen as hustlers and criminals. The same white Cuban academic who lamented the blackening of Havana, also described that for her, "there was no racism" on the island. She told me, "This is the greatest place to be a black person. It's going to take 50 or 100 years for blacks to reach the same intellectual and cultural level of whites. But, there's no racism here."

Santera is often given as an example of why blacks are perceived as intellectually and culturally inferior to whites. The religion is often inaccurately likened to devil worship, or sensationalized for its practices of animal Electrician Service College Station sacrifice, and spirit possession. Even Cuban whites that practice Afro-Cuban religions are thought to be "black lovers" (negreros) or described as "backwards" (atrazados) due to their religious association with a black Best Electrician Service religion. Nevertheless, practitioners, aware of this racist criticism of their belief, defend their religion. They show a commitment to an alternative understanding of the world that highlights black and female deities, and solutions to life's problems through ritual supplication, prayer, and the veneration of nature.

Like any other religion Santera practitioners are made up of a large gamut of diverse races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, national backgrounds, and political interests. American-based religious travelers to Cuba chose to continue to practice rituals on the island despite U.S. laws that greatly limit this exchange. What many practitioners have in common is a craving to understand the world from an alternative perspective. Santera gods are highly interacti ve: they sit, eat, and engage with practitioners through bodily possessions. They talk back to their adherents, give advice and remedies to health issues or financial concerns, and even comment on local politics. Rather than intellectually or culturally inferior, this alternative black Cuban practice might be better recognized as way to understand race, and the impact of racism on the island and abroad.

Why do Santera and other African diaspora religions continue to bear the burden of racism? The perception that African (and hence black) practices are lesser than or unequal to Christian or Western forms of religion, has a long history justifying racist practices since slavery. Yet this ethos that deems certain forms of humanity as morally superior and thus more enlightened, continues to be embedded in everyday thinking and racial politics. Just this month, an American S antera practitioner returning from Cuba through Mexico had his sacred religious deities (oricha) thrown away, with the customs agent in Mexico stating that he would have none of that "black witchcraft" in his country.

Racism is very much an everyday occurrence in Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean and Latin America, just as it is here in the United States. In the United States we are dealing with the effects of structural racism and violence on black lives at the hands of police, where it seems each day brings a new black victim at the hands of state violence. Even as black Cubans continue to live predominantly in lower standard housing arrangements, have less access to hard currency and resources, and their religious practices continue to be stigmatized as negative superstitions that hold back "progress," the last time there was rampant death of black Cubans at the hands of white police was the 1912 "race war."

As the United States attempts to hold Cuba accountable for its treatment of different marginalized groups in this opening up of relations, we would do well to think critically about racism and violence at home.